Autoresponder Madness Styles Of Email Marketing

Whether you are learning your email marketing strategies through a course such as Autoresponder Madness by Andre Chaperon, The Machine by Ryan Deiss, or by any of the other popular email marketing greats out there, there is a core set of different types of emails that can bring in results for your business.

Let's take a look at some of these:

Autoresponder Madness – The Broadcast Email

Autoresponder Madness Broadcast

These are basically emails that are set out to your entire list, or a segment of your list at no real specific time, or that are part of a previously written sequence.

Often times these can be “one and done” type of emails, which basically means you are sending out a quick announcement of some sort, and that your list your list may not here about it again.

Now, of course you could send out a few broadcast emails “back to back” to make sure that as many people as possible see the announcement, but overall the broadcast style of email is often not really pre-planned and comes out as news you feel your list should know about, as it happens.

Autoresponder Madness – The Autoresponder Sequence Series

Autoresponder Madness Sequence

These style of emails are always pre-planned ahead of time. Each email in a series is pre-written and put into your email service providers system, to come out at a designated time.

Often times, people write up a series of emails for people who have just recently signed up to their list, and aid the help of these types of email series in the “relationship” building portion
of their communication with their list of prospects.

For instance, Autoresponder Madness teaches this extensively through what are referred to as “soap opera sequences”, which are usually story based emails. This helps to build rapport with your prospects, instead of hammering them over the head with promotions…which can often be seen as destructive in the early stages of developing a relationship with your list.

Autoresponder Madness – The Catalogue Style Email

Autoresponder Madness Catalogue

This type of email is most often used with E-Commerce store promotions.

Every once in a while an E-Commerce store may be having special discounts on select products within their online store, and they will feature each of these products inside of one email.

It gets its name from the way most catalogues are set up. They feature several products on the same page. The practice has been carried over quite effectively for E-Commerce stores as well.

Again, typically these are sent out in a “broadcast” style, and are not necessary a part of any other sequence. Though an E-Commerce store could send out a few of these during a small time period, they are generally short lived, and once the “sale” is over…you'll stop receiving messages about that particular “sale”.

Autoresponder Madness – Product Launch Sequences

Autoresponder Madness Launch

Just as the name suggests, these emails come out when a new product launch is happening.

These are typically written before-hand in a sequence, and are also pre-planned…sometimes far in advance. You see these style of sequences quite often from affiliate marketers hoping to make some great commissions from an upcoming product launch.

Usually they are planned a fair bit of time in advance so that it allows the affiliate marketer to come up with some type of great bonus for people who purchase through their link. This helps to improve conversions for their campaign, so that they stand to make more commissions.

Autoresponder Madness teaches this style of sequence quite comprehensively inside of its training package.

These are just a few of the different types of common styles being used with email marketing. Of course there are many more that can be utilized. These can range from coupon code emails, survey emails, testimonial grabbing emails, and many more.

Personally, I always recommend Autoresponder Madness for people really looking to get their feet wet with email marketing.

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