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For many people who have decided to go ahead and get involved in Andre Chaperon's course are discovering that it’s usually more than “meets the eye” from what they were initially expecting.

In a market that could easily be described as saturated it’s not very often these days when you come across a course where you are left with the feeling that you just learned something that’s entirely new to you.

Sure, I suppose it depends on how long you’ve been into online marketing, and the chosen area that you decided to start studying upon, but again, if you’ve been at it for quite some time, it’s not often that you are left with some of those total “aha” moments.

One of the things that really grabs people about Andre Chaperon's Autoresponder Madness course is the amount of attention and detail that Andre goes into when it comes to market research. The old saying of, “If you’re talking to everybody, then you’re talking to nobody”, takes on a whole new meaning for many people.

Inside the course

This is one of those areas where most people completely screw up. Instead of taking the time to thoroughly research their market, and to discover who their true target “ideal customer” actually is they simply just wing it.

Or put another way, they “guess” as to who their target market is, what they want, and just assume that they know how to speak to them. A lot of this comes down to the fact that many marketers for some reason have this pre-conceived notion that their customers would think and act in many of the same ways that they do.

This couldn’t be further from the truth…

Research techniques and exercises you’ve never seen before.

Without giving too much away, or trying to sound biased towards the product, these sections alone could mean all of the difference for you when it comes to converting your prospects into paying customers again, and again!

This is very in depth research that will give you the power to find out:

  • What your prospect is really feeling towards the problem that you can solve for them.
  • What is going on inside of the mind of your prospect (not just what you think is going on inside of his/her mind)
  • What your prospects deepest fears are concerning the problems they are facing.
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • How to speak to them in ways that actually connect with the conversation that’s already going on in their mind.

If you’ve never gone through a process like this before, don’t worry. Autoresponder Madness Review have seen that Andre includes several examples of how to go about this which includes both written text along with some example videos.

Of course this is just one little section of the course, but it’s in these areas where many people begin to have many “aha” moments.

From there Andre Chaperon's Autoresponder Madness shows you how to create maps and customer avatars that you’ll always be able to have on hand, so that you can get into your “customers mind” mode whenever you sit down to write your emails.

I will agree that there is quite a lot work involved when going through several of the lessons. However, it’s in actually DOING these lessons where you learn to become a far more effective mail marketer than you ever were.

For some, the results they’ve attained through their email marketing efforts after going through Autoresponder Madness has astonished them. It’s taken them to a whole new plateau of discovery and confidence in their marketing that they hadn’t know before.

As I mentioned near the start of this article and throughout our Autoresponder Madness Review site; its courses like this that are tough to come across in the saturated IM (Internet Marketing) niche. What I’ve mentioned above is really only scratching the surface of what you’ll find inside.

In many circumstances this course has changed the entire direction of its customers marketing efforts. It opened up a whole new world of marketing for them, that prior to taking it, hadn’t known existed.

I do know that for many, it’s going to transform them into being far better marketers, with acquired skills that will leave many of their competitors in the dust.

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