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I want to talk to you about Andre chaperon and his Autoresponder Madness course. It's really more of a strategy or a philosophy than it is a course though. And I would even go so far to say that it is the possibly the most lucrative email marketing strategy out there.

From what I can tell and my experience as a business owner and online marketer and by watching the Guru's, if you will, most of them look to Andre. He's kind of like the email marketing whisperer, for lack of better words.

And so I wanted to walk through some of the aspects of this review, if you will, and point out some of the things that you might want to know about.

So let me get something out of the way pretty quickly. This is probably the only thing that I ever recommend or the only strategy program course (whatever you want to call it) that I recommend when it comes to email marketing, to other business owners, online marketers, etc.

Autoresponder Madness: Strategies

It's really increased my ability to convert sales online in a more frequent fashion and a higher average lifetime customer value. I'm able to create small email lists that create big results. You don't have to have these Megatron crazy whale email lists these days if you know and utilize Andre's strategies inside of Autoresponder Madness also known as ARM.

You know, if you want to take your kids to on vacation, if you want to pay down debt if you want to buy a new house, if you want to have reliable cars for your family's drive around town, if you need to buy that policy or if you just want to have ,ore recurring revenue.

The best way to do that is with email marketing. And email marketing is an unbelievable return on investment. There's studies to show from the Digital Marketing Association that there's a 300% ROI on email marketing.

And so Andres really hit the nail on the head by pouring basically his life work as a marketer into Autoresponder Madness. Obviously, an autoresponder is the automated marketing email string that comes to the prospect or customer after they've taken a particular action.

You've captured their email address, you've captured the lead, and now it's time to nurture them, warm them up and convince them or persuade them with great, fantastic copy to buy your product or service.

Now most people online are missing one big thing and that's an educational one.

Andre Chaperon's Email Marketing

Email marketing is even more of a miss topic to the general populace of want to be marketers.

Autoresponder Madness completely changed the way I approach marketing to humans in a fundamental way, you'll explore proven strategies like Jay Abraham strategy of preeminence.

What you discover in this portion that Andre system is that this alone will turn you into a marketing machine, I mean almost bulletproof. You'll learn about how to develop marketing personas, client avatars, and how to leverage them to propel your email marketing towards lots of conversions.

You'll be given a simple process that takes the mystery out of discovering details about your prospects. A lot of people, marketers and business owners move around in a way that they think they know who their customer is, but when you really, really go layer one, layer two, layer three four layers deep…

That's where the true ROI actually is.

And Andre Chaperon hows you how to do that. Really simply in a simple way and something that doesn't take all your time doing research.

There's huge huge names like Lucky Arnie, Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher great digital marketers who think that Andre is top of class. Todd Brown is a huge proponent. He runs marketing funnel automation, and just has unbelievable things to say about Andre.

The reason why I'm infatuated personally is because once I started implementing what Andre teaches in autoresponder madness, I started seeing things like 72, 73, 74% open rates in my emails.

Which is, if you've done any email marketing, you'll know that that's absolutely out of this world! And click through rates are 39- 40%.

So the people who I'm engaging with are absolutely dialed in because of the way I've targeted them, and I've spoken to them. It's all because of the systems that I've implemented through Andre's teaching.

Skills Learned From Autoresponder Madness

Here's a list of just solid skills or realizations I guess that I've picked up from Autoresponder Madness:

  • How copywriting and marketing need to be thought through before I can actually write an autoresponder that works.
  • How Jay Abraham's strategy of preeminence is a key factor to online success.
  • Three primary questions that to ask my client persona to get to the heart of what they really want because that's why they pay you.
  • What an open loop is and how to use them and see in my autoresponder sequences.
  • Why storytelling is that the drug to your readers, be addicted to have the garlic effect.
  • Catapult my open rates and my and make them skyrocket.
  • Detail a systematic approach to understanding who my audience really is.

And so much more. I mean, I could double the list that I just read to you.

These are huge, huge marketing know how icebergs that are under the water. That people don't pay attention to, but the ones that do pay attention, have unbelievable ROI.

If you don't have Autoresponder Madness, you totally should get it. It's not a cheapo product. But this is a legitimate system that you can apply that if you invest in it, it will invest back into you.

I think you can tell you from my own personal experience and as a consultant; this is the number one sword in the arsenal you should totally have.

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