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EMAIL MARKETING TIPS – Is Andre Chaperon's AutoResponder Madness Really All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

If you’re like most people when looking at email marketing tips or training products these days, you’ll probably find yourself saying something like: “Hmm, well sure it looks great, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be?”

If you’ve been looking at Auto-responder Madness 3, this little question might have crept into your mind as well. After all, there are so many products available to marketers these days, and at first glance, many of them look like they would be fantastic.

You know, they got great sales copy, tons of testimonials, claims that their product is the “be all, end all”, and all of the rest of it. Yet, often times you decided to go ahead with a purchase, and later, you found out that it really wasn’t that great at all.

In fact, a lot of it was just a bunch of re-hashed garbage and packaged up to look great again. However, when it came to the value that you expected to get from the product, sadly it fell very short, and you wound up disappointed… once again!

Email Marketing TIPS – Courses on List Building

Since I started online back in 2007, I’ve seen a lot of courses on list building, and yes, some of them were pretty good. However, at the same time, there were a lot of crappy ones. Some would leave me asking, “Did I really just pay for that?”

When it comes to the courses that TOTALLY stood out from the crowd though honestly, I can only think of 2 or 3, and at the top of my list, it’s unquestionably Auto-responder Madness (by Andre Chaperon).

Autoresponder Madness Review - Email Marketing Tips

Autoresponder Madness has really been an evolution in the making. Andre’s first two versions were really well received, and without question, he really turned the whole level of quality in email marketing tips courses on its head.

In fact, you could say that Andre Chaperon created a movement of sorts once he released it to the world. It created a whole new benchmark.

I mean, how many courses released in the internet marketing space instantly start gaining the praise and recognition from some of the most successful gurus in the world without even trying?

When you think about it from a marketing perspective, Autoresponder Madness (the whole series of them) is what great marketing is all about. That is, Andre found a hole in the market that just wasn’t really being addressed anywhere else.

He created a product that was very much desired amongst the hundreds of other emails courses available. You see, while all of the other creators of email courses out there were teaching how to create these MONSTER lists in the shortest amount of time possible, along with some basics of email marketing, Andre was busy honing the craft of pulling out HIGH profits with tiny lists.

In fact, Andre’s tag line in the original Auto-responder Madness of “Monster Profits from Tiny Lists!” was a term that a lot of people wanted to see. Let’s face it, most marketers out there don’t have the incredible guru sized lists to work with, so of course it caught the attention of most marketers out there!

So, let’s return to the question, what email marketing tips are there and…

Is Auto-responder Madness 3 all it’s cracked up to be?

The first thing I will say is this; what you'll learn aren't “tips”, but rather strategies. EMail marketing tips is the wrong terminology to refer to ARM.

Saying that; it’s been somewhat of a privilege to watch the evolution of Auto-responder Madness through the years. From its earliest version, on up to the current Auto-responder Madness 3, it’s been exciting to watch what Andre’s been doing to tweak the effectiveness of the training he’s presenting.

Email Marketing TIPS - Autoresponder Madness Review

Email Marketing – Course

The course itself is presented in a way that takes a person on a complete journey.

It’s rather ingenious really. At first, you won’t realize that you are on an actual

journey and I’m sure Andre did this on purpose.

However, once you start getting into Lessons 5 and 6 you’ll find yourself saying…

“Wait a minute! I see what he’s doing. This course is written in the exact same way, as he’s training us to create our emails. He’s using all of the tricks to create suspense, desire, anticipation… all of it… holy crap!”

It’s one of the very few courses where you feel that you just can’t wait to get home so you can find out what’s coming next. Also, the course itself is responsible for transforming many struggling marketers businesses who just couldn’t seem to get a proper grasp on their email marketing efforts.

Auto-responder Madness 3 has taught them how to speak to their audience, and how to make that “deep connection” with their lists when everything else they had tried was failing.

For some people, it’s totally turned their business into an entirely new direction with the end result being far more profits! You’ll find many testimonials and reviews about Auto-responder Madness 3 stating this, and in the future there’s sure to come many more singing it’s praises as well.

So is it worth it, and all it’s cracked up to be?

Well, let me put it this way. I know dozens of marketers who are customers of Auto-responder Madness 3, and of those dozens of people, there hasn’t been a single person I’ve talked to that hasn’t added it to their “most prized” collection of email marketing courses that they own.

So I guess it’s safe to say, “Yes!”

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Hi, my name is Mark Acutt. I was introduced to online marketing back in 2007 by my best friend Andre Chaperon. He helped me start out and his initial guidance has got me to where I am. I now have over 100 websites in various different niches and specialize in PPC (Google, Bing, Facebook, and many others), SEO/SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, eCommerce (Shopify), Web Hosting as well as my own products. I also help others start out and run a very successful mentoring program. Diversity is key to being successful online. But keeping focus is a must! I hope you enjoy my Autoresponder Madness Review.

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