Advantages of Email Marketing

Several years ago, no one touched email marketing. The problem is that the big brands have jumped on board and now made email market just the same as direct marketing.

However, there's still a place for email marketing in any business.

Here are seven of the biggest advantages to Email Marketing:

1. Segmentation

This makes targeting your audience so much more easier. It makes for better a open and click rate. Narrowing down your focus and only sending emails to a targeted list means that your emails are more relevant to your audience.

2. Global

There's no better way to go global than email marketing. You can reach just about anyone, anywhere in the world with an email.

3.Easy To Track

One if the great benefits of email marketing is being able to track the progress of your campaign. This will be more comprehensive if you use an email marketing client such as Aweber or Getresponse.

You'll be able to track open, click through and conversion rates. This will make it easy for you to see what's working and what's not.

4. Return on Investment

According to studies, email marketing is 40% more effective at gaining new customers than the likes of Facebook or Twitter. In figures typically for every $1 you spend you will get $40 back.

There's no better marketing platform for return of investment than email marketing.

5. Call to Action

A call to action should clearly point out what the receiver of your emails needs to do. The main content of your email should point out the benefits, but the call to action is there to close the sale.

A call to action should be short and sweet, giving clear instructions of the next step you want them to do.

This should be something like, “buy now”, “register today” or “grab your copy now”.

Your call to action should only include other information if it provides value or takes away some of the risks that your subscriber may feel about what you are offering.

6. Easy to Share

What's great about emails is they are so easy to share. Herewe do it all the time. A great deal may come into our inbox and I think “hey this can really benefit XYZ” so I will forward it onto them.

Your subscriber may do the same if you are offering great deals. If you use an email software such as Mail Chimp your readers can easily share your emails via Facebook and Twitter.

7. Low Cost

Compared to some other marketing platforms such as Facebook marketing or PPC, email marketing will be one of the cheapest platforms out there.

As with anything there's always a cost but it's relatively low. Your biggest expense will be the email marketing software that you use. However as we have covered above, email marketing carries a great ROI.

If you only have a small list then the cost will be cheaper. In another post we covered different software such as Aweber, Getresponse and Mail Chimp.

Mail Chimp for example has a free monthly subscription if you have less than 2000 subscribers. You can't get better than free 🙂

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