Avoiding Spam

We're going to cover 8 best practices to avoid the CAN Spam act.

Not many people realize that there are rules and laws set out by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about sending email.

If you are promoting or advertising through email, you have to comply with these laws or face hefty penalties. Now you definitely don't want to get into “hot water” now do you? 🙂

Autoresponder Madness Review – 8 ways to avoid the wrath of the CAN Spam act!

  1. Recognize you are sending an ad.
    Most people these days know an advert when they see one. So it's important that you don't try to cover your ad as something else. The CAN Spam act requires you to be as transparent as you can about your email being an advertisement.
  2. Tell the recipient of your email where it's come from.
    The “From” “To” and “Reply To” must represent your company or individual that's sending it.
  3. Give an address.
    At the bottom of your emails you must provide a postal address or PO box address of your registered company.
  4. Write an honest subject line.
    We always recommend you write an honest subject line. I have covered this before in a previous post but your subject line makes all the difference.Not only whether your email gets opened or not but FTC laws require you to be honest.If your subject line says “Claim $15 off your next purchase” but your email doesn't correspond, then you are falsely getting your readers to open your email.
  5. Avoid spam words.
    Whilst number 5 isn't specifically a law under the CAN Spam act, it's still as important as the others. Mail servers and email clients will scan your email subject line and body content for certain words which are associated with spam. If they find words such as FREE for example, your email will end up in the recipients junk folder.
  6. Every Email Needs an Easy Opt-Out Option.
    If you are subscribed to the Autoresponder Madness Review email list then you will see at the bottom of those emails there will be an “unsubscribe” link.Don't make them jump through hoops to unsubscribe. Their option to leave your mailing list needs to be clear, concise and simple.
  7. Honour Opt-outs In a Timely Manner.
    Just as you need to make it simple for your readers to leave your list you must remove them asap. Usually when one unsubscribes, it usually takes 24 hours for you to remove them.Whatever you do you must try your up most to get them off your email list and not send them any other email.
  8. Forward To a Friend Scheme.
    If you offer a link in your email so that the reader can forward on to a friend, as long as the above rules are adhered to you don't need to worry about the CAN Spam act.However, if you are offering an incentive to forward that mail on such as a discount then you will be responsible for that email being forwarded.The CAN Spam act doesn't just apply to bulk email – it covers all commercial messages too.

“Any electronic mail message with the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service”

We advise that you follow all of the above to the letter!

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