Best Practices For Great Results

Here’s some great email marketing tips that you can use to get the best out of your marketing efforts.

Email Marketing – Best Practices

  • #1 – Double Opt-ins

You “should” use double opt-ins at all times. That way you'll greatly reduce the risk of being flagged as a spammer. If you use services such as AWeber then the double opt-in is easy.

There are various ways to set things up, here is an example. I have a free report for download on my Facebook fan page. First the visitor has to click “like” to be able access the link for download. Then when they have done that they are redirected to the signup page:

They then have to enter their name and email address and are then sent here:

This is an AWeber video conformation subscription page.

They then receive this email from AWeber.

They then have to click on the link inside this email to confirm that they have indeed opted to receive something from me. They then are directed here:

They are then sent this second email with their download link:

I know that it seems like a lot to do for you to set up and for the people that subscribe but…

All it takes is for someone to lodge a complaint and you could be in serious trouble but with a double opt-in you're playing by the rules. Which brings me on to tip #2,

  • Email Marketing Tips #2 – One-Click Unsubscribe Link

If you look at the bottom of that last email image above you'll see something that says:

“To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit:” and then there's a link for them to do just that. If they click on that link then they are taken here:

All they have to do is check the unsubscribe box and save settings and then AWeber unsubscribes them from your list. It's as simple as that – AWeber does it all for you.

  • Email Marketing #3 – Personalizing Your Emails

You will be surprised at how a personal email (by inserting their name) can be better than just having “hi” and no name at all. It can increase both your reading and click-through rates by up to 650%.


That's because your subscribers will feel that not only do you understand their problems but you also know them by name. You'll be surprised at how adding the names to an email address will double your conversions.

  • #4 – Autoresponder series

Autoresponders are great for following up with your subscribers or provide them with more information on your products/services.

For example with this email marketing tips, your subscribers have opted in to receive a free report, eBook, software, newsletter etc. A few days later you send them an email saying that since they already have your free report they could be eligible for a discount off a product of yours that's related to that free report.

If they don't take you up on that offer then a couple of days later you can send them another email to try to get them to buy.

Or just tell them that they are of value to you and give them some good information within that email for free that can help them right now etc.

Autoresponders help your subscribers build trust in both your company and your brand, and this can help make it easier when trying to close sales in the future.

  • Email Marketing Tips #5 – Tuesday/Wednesday = Increased Response

Studies have been conducted on when's the best time to send out emails to your list of subscribers and they have shown that the best days to perform a mail-out to your list are Tuesday and Wednesdays.

These two days seem to be when people are more receptive to communication. This means that they are more likely to read your content and click on links, meaning more sales.

On Mondays, everyone is still recovering from the weekend. On Thursday and Friday, people are already looking forward to the weekend and well Saturdays and Sundays is the weekend and people don't really respond to emails over the weekend unless they are 1, personal ones or 2, very important ones. You really should think about you time line when using this email marketing.

  • #6 – Be Consistent & On Time, Every Time!

This may not apply to everyone. However if they have subscribed to something that is deliverable on a weekly or month basis then make sure that it's delivered on the same day, at the same time from issue to issue or session to session.

That way if you send them your newsletter EVERY Friday at 3pm then make sure every week or month they receive it on that day and time EVERY time and they'll know when to look out for you. In fact they'll come to EXPECT it from you. They'll expect to receive an email in their inbox at consistent times. This again builds trust, someone they can rely on to be consistent with them.

  • Email Marketing #7 – The Importance of a Great Subject Line

When your email arrives in your subscribers inbox, you generally have about half a second to catch their attention with the subject line of your email. After this, they will either delete your email or ignore it. In your subject line, try and specify a benefit that the subscriber can expect by reading your email.

  • #8 – The Importance of a Great Signature

Always include a signature at the bottom of your emails, as it's one of the easiest ways to attract more traffic to your website. This signature should include your personal details, your company details, and an unsubscribe link. You can use your signature to link back to your website, and even to other products.

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