Effective Email Writing

Autoresponder Madness teaches us that effective email marketing is a great addition to any online or offline business.

How crucial is email marketing to your business?

It can be a great way to keep your customers up to date with what’s going on. It can also be a great way to offer promotions and deals to new or existing customers.

It can be daunting thinking about using email marketing especially if you have never had any experience with it before.

There are some great courses out there such as Autoresponder Madness which, will teach you all you need to know when it come to using email as a marketing tool for your business.

The problem is many get it so wrong.

You know yourself, you open up your email inbox and bam, you have loads of junk emails. You used to get junk mail through the post but nowadays nearly every second email is some sort of spam.

It's because of this that a lot of people are now reluctant to read emails.

We discover exactly what Autoresponder Madness will teach you about the do's and don'ts of email marketing.

Let's start with the do's:

  • Keep your customers up to date with your latest deals and promotions

If you have a new promotion happening in a couple of weeks time, keep your existing customers in the loop. You can always frame it in your email in a way that makes them feel like a valued customer. You have informed them about your deals BEFORE anyone else.

Customers love this type of attention. They think they are going to get a deal before any Joe Bloggs does. They'll definitely keep reading your emails from then on.

  • Offer a coupon/voucher code

If you have a coupon code or voucher for a specific product or service, then offer it to them via an email. You could also use this as an enticement for getting email addresses.

Tell them that if they sign up to your email list then they will receive a coupon code for 15% off for example.

  • Make use of your subject line

Make the best use possible of the subject line.

If your subject line is to the point, then you have more chance of people opening your emails. There's nothing worse than having a cryptic subject line such as “See what happens when…”

People don't have time to look through emails that don't resonate with them from the get go. If you are emailing them with an offer code, tell them. “15% discount of your next purchase at (insert business name here)”.

Tell them why you are emailing them in your subject line.

Lets look at the don'ts:

  •  Email them for no apparent reason

Only ever email your list if you have something that is going to help or better their lives by being one of your customers. If you are just sending them an email to keep in contact with them then don't.

They will get tired of your emails.

  • Email them more than once or twice a week

If they are receiving emails on a daily basis from you then they will so get fed up of hearing from you that they will unsubscribe from your list or even worse report you for spamming

  • Pass on their email addresses to a third party

Whatever you do make sure you keep their email address safe. If by some chance someone other than you gets their details I can tell you right now they will never use your business again and you can easily end up in hot water.

If you are looking at using email marketing as part of your business then check out Autoresponder Madness and do it the right way.

We hope you enjoyed this topic that's covered in Andre Chaperon's email training program, we have barely just touched the surface here, to learn more visit Autoresponder Madness.

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