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Email List Building – Getting A Plan In Place

Before you start thinking about attracting subscribers, you need to make sure that you have an email list building plan in place.

This means an online system that consists of:

  • Sending visitors to your squeeze page
  • Getting visitors to sign up to your list
  • Developing a close relationship with your subscribers
  • Promoting to your subscribers and move them on to your customer list

Once you’ve setup this list building plan, only then should you start thinking about driving traffic.

Here’s how you can create your email list building plan.

1. Create a squeeze page

Offer an excellent, relevant bonus to your subscribers for signing up to your list. Create an attention-grabbing headline, list out the benefits in bullet points and have arrows pointing to the sign up form.

You could make a video (or outsource it) with you talking or show a presentation to make the squeeze page more attractive.

We 100% recommend using Optimize Press to create your squeeze pages easily and professionally.

2. Improving your squeeze page

Use the Google tool Website Optimizer to continuously split-test two versions of your squeeze page. Choose the best converting and try to beat it with another revised version. Doing this will ensure you are getting the very best out of your email list building plan.

There are also many other “paid” tools. The one I use is Optimizely, it's far more than only an A-B split tester, it's a MVT (Multi Variant Test) tool. What's awesome is you can change the elements of your page from within the tool.

You have to see it to believe it!

This is essential, as you don’t want to waste the traffic that is sent to your squeeze page.

3. What to do with your subscribers

As soon as your subscribers sign up for your list, divert them to a web page to deliver the free bonus which you promised to them on your squeeze page.

Or send them the link once they've confirmed their email address (double opt-in).

On the download page, mention one of your current products or services and ask them to check it out.

Just treat them like a friend and let them know more about your business.

Email List Building – Your Objective

Your main objective with your subscribers is to:

  • Deliver valuable and relevant content to them
  • Educate them and show that you’re an expert
  • Entertain them
  • Remind them who you are and your services
  • Recommend your products or other people’s products that can help them solve their problems

Look at your list every now and then and remind yourself how you should treat your list.

Autoresponder Madness – Driving Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

1. Buy a List

This is a particularly risky email list building tip in any market, as you just don't know the quality of the list that you are buying. However if you have some sort of guarantee that the email address are responsive and current then it “might” be worth a shot.

However there are also many perils in buying a list. Unless they are double opt-in then some services (AWeber included) will not import the contacts.

You could always buy one off broadcasts of your message to these lists. There are services that will do this. However you must always think about the “quality” of these lists. Are they getting emails all the time that they just don't read anymore?

2. Email List Building Using Ezine Solo Ads

In online marketing terms, e-zine is a newsletter sent out to thousands of subscribers.

You can choose to purchase an ad in those newsletters.

However, the only ad really worth considering is what’s called a “solo ad”, which means that it will go out all on its own without any other content surrounding it.

3. Google Adwords

This was a very popular method back in the day but now it violates Google's policies. However there are ways around it. It will entirely depend on what you are offering. You can often get around it by offering a free course that last for X number of days.

4. Facebook Ads For Email List Building

If you are willing to pay for traffic then I recon this is your best bet. Usually you can expect a 10% – 15% op-in rate.

5. Create PDFs

Create a PDF article packed full of links back to your site, free stuff, newsletter, or blog. Promote it, let people know that it's there. Make it free of course as an incentive. Make so that they can pass your PDF on to their friends or if you are in the B2B market then let them share it around their work colleagues etc.

6. Keeping above the fold

Ideally you need to keep your opt-in box above the fold and in full view without them having to move their mouse to see it.

7.Email List Building – Bonus Giveaway

I have tried this method before and can work particularly well. I went through ClickBank and looked at all the products that complimented my free eBook that I was promoting. I then approached them via email, support desk, Skype, which ever method available to contact them and asked them if they wanted to give it to their customers for free as a bonus with their product.

Obviously your product needs to compliment theirs. If it's in anyway a conflict with theirs then you haven't got a hope in hell of getting them to attach it to their product.

8. Cross Promotion

This is great for email list building. Approach others within your niche and come to a mutual agreement that if they send an email to their list about your product then you'll do the same for them.

It goes without saying that both lists needs to be of a similar size. The last thing you need is to approach someone with a lesser list than yours and they end up with more subscribers from your list to theirs and vise versa.

Just be careful of this method as YOUR list doesn't want to be bombarded with promotion after promotion. You can lose a lot of “cred” with your guys if you keep hitting them with offers. Try to be very selective of who you do this for and make sure you 100% believe in the product yourself.

9. Using Affiliates For Email List Building


If you have access to your own affiliates then it makes sense to leverage them. Obviously they won't do it for nothing so you need to give them something for doing so. At least 50% of the sale price is recommend. You could even give them 100% commission for the sale in exchange for the customer. A customer is worth 100x more than a lead in IMHO. You make money with up-sells and back-end promotions.

10. Guest Posts/Interviews

I often get emails sent to me to see if I will either do a guest post on their blog or on their forums. If I have some spare time I do them.

Results are very much a mixed bag.

Check out Autoresponder Madness to find out more about email list building.

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