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Could Andre Chaperon's “AutoResponder Madness” really be the best course on email marketing ever created?

Arguably, many people have went on to say this after having gone through the entire course themselves, and it's certainly been debatable now for quite some time. One thing for sure though, AutoResponder Madness definitely has its lions share of fans across the globe.

Autoresponder Madness Review Fans

Personally, since email marketing has played such an important part of my own success, you can be sure that I've gone through many courses on the subject. I've also witnessed many courses that have came out after the original AutoResponder Madness, and I've seen several of them flat out “rip-off” the ideas and strategies that Andre shared with the world through his highly popular program.

When that happens you can be sure that the original course, was indeed the “trail blazer” in an already highly competitive market place. Without question, there is definitely hundreds of courses created about email marketing, but with so many “copy-cats” you would feel confident knowing that you have your hands on the original that started it all.

Autoresponder Madness Review – “What Made AutoResponder Madness So Damn Good 
In The First Place?”

Well, there could be several different answers for this. AutoResponder Madness brought many great concepts and strategies to the table that certainly weren't very well known when it was originally released. And of course, it's went on to be updated and expanded on through the years several times.

However, one of the “stand out” concepts that Andre brought to the table was the use of SOS's.

“SOS” stands for “soap opera sequence”, and though this idea had been commonly used for decades in the radio and television business, it certainly wasn't a very common idea to use them in respect to email marketing.

For most people, when they had seen this idea introduced to email marketing it generated all types of positive excitement about the possibilities, myself included.

What Exactly Is A Soap Opera Sequence?

Autoresponder Madness Review - Soap Opera

Like myself, you've seen this used on popular TV shows for ages, and most likely didn't really think twice about what you were witnessing.

This is basically where a “cliff hanger” effect had been created in the story to make you want to keep tuning into the show, and couldn't wait until the next episode just to find out what happens next.

At the end of any particular episode they generally had you saying something along the lines of, “No, they didn't just do that! Crap, now I have to wait just to find out what happens to (enter characters name here)…”

As you can imagine, when this is properly executed it can do absolute wonders for your email marketing campaigns too!

It's been reported time and time again that when using these types of series, that “open rates” on your email list are dramatically improved. Hence, this is what all of the excitement was about when Andre introduced it into the email marketing sphere.

One of the beautiful things about SOS's when used in email marketing is that a series like this could last anywhere from a few days, to a week, or several weeks depending on your strategy and the campaign you are working with.

This is really just the “tip of the iceberg”…

Autoresponder Madness Review Success Iceberg

Of course, this is just one small part of what Andre Chaperon's AutoResponder Madness brought into play.

In the full course he goes into excellent strategies such as PLS's (Product Launch Sequences), tracking your email campaigns, advanced list segmentation techniques, and much, much more…

Without question, it's one of those “rare gems” that any serious marketer would want to have in their arsenal of online marketing training programs.

Above that, there is certainly nothing like having the original that started a craze within itself in your collection.

If you are serious about your online business, I highly suggest you get your hands AutoResponder Madness as soon as possible, as it's one decision you'll thank yourself for, many times over.

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