James Schramko Reviews Autoresponder Madness

James Schramko here from superfastbusiness.com.

I'm talking about Andre Chaperon's course Autoresponder Madness.

Autoresponder Madness or ARM was the first course that I ever purchased which focused specifically on email storytelling.

And I think it was ahead of its time when it came out because at the time most people were doing what they call blasting e-mails.

And storytelling via email in a multi-part sequence or soap opera sequence is a very clever strategy because it engages your buyer.

It brings people through a journey and of course it creates a lot of selling without having to be a pushy extroverted sales type.

So I really resonated with the concepts.

The things I like about the soap opera sequences are:

  • how they are planned in advance
  • they have a pre-determined result that they work towards
  • and of course the information is applicable to many parts of the business.

Especially how Andre really works hard on researching the problems that the customer's having so that the solutions can be presented at the right time.

It really is about staging and theatrics and it's what works for television and movies, of course it's going to work for email marketing.

So I'm very grateful that Andre put out the ARM course. I believe it is the benchmark course for email marketing in the whole internet marketing industry.

I recommend it to all of my subscribers if they want to learn from the master himself.

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