Rusty Moore’s Video Review

Hello my name is Rusty Moore and I'm a full time fitness super affiliate and fitness info marketer.

I made an income online over the past five years, and I've been doing it for about seven or eight years.

I wanted to create a quick video talking about Andre's Autoresponder Madness course.

Here's the big problem I see when people who first start out in internet marketing or people who haven't done it for a while:

They think that they can just send a 1000 visitors to a website and they should make a 2% conversion.

And they get their calculator out and they're all excited to make a big profit.

And then what happens is like I said:

  • 1000 visitors would only make like 1 sale and it would have cost $300, and they only made $50 back.

The thing that changes all of that is e-mail.

If you capture an e-mail by setting up some sort of lead magnet or loss leader, or a capture page – that changes the game.

But it won't change the game if you just capture email addresses and market to people the way that most people market to people.

Which is; isolated emotions.

You know products that people believe in.

  • But an isolated emotion isn't set up properly.

So what I mean by that is; when most people send an email it's like a commercial. People tune it out.

You know they'll click open and they might skim the newsletter or email but it doesn't create anticipation.

There is no story involved.

Andre's methods involve creating a compelling story.

Like his emails and what he teaches in his emails sequences are almost like watching The Game Of Thrones.

You can't wait for the next episode!

You're IN, and when the next episode comes out you're just on it – right?

You're waiting and anticipating it. You watch it, and in the case of email marketing; you're reading email.

What I was doing when I first started my email list is; I was just copying what other people did.

I'm like: “OK this guy has a list of a million people he must know what works, he makes a lot of money.”

So I'm just going to copy him. And the thing was; I barely made any money. I barely scraped by.

And then Andre's Autoresponder Madness course came out.

It opened my eyes to a whole different way of emailing.

A way that is compelling to the readers and in a way that it's actually a more fun and direct way to write an email sequence.

My income and skyrocketed!

You know, when there is a fitness affiliate launch that I'm part of, I'm typically always in the top 10.

Most of the time #1 or #2 for the promotions I decide to get involved in.

I don't promote tons of stuff because I have my own products and I don't think that people need a hundred fitness products.

But that's a whole different subject.

For instance, this past November there was a launch that came out, it was like a diet book and I thought it was an awesome product.

So I followed one of Andre's techniques.

By the end I think I had close to a 1000 sales.

And the next closest affiliate was 200 to 300 sales away, they were way behind me.

And there were guys in the top 10 leader board that had lists that were 6, 7, 8 times bigger.

One had a list that was 200 times bigger than mine! Kinda crazy right?

But anyways the reason why it worked, why people bought the product was because I created a compelling sequence in a way that Andre teaches when you go through Autoresponder Madness.

More recently I launched a beta product to my list, just my own product, a small info product (I'm going to release it as a bigger launch in a few months from now).

But I launched it and created a sequence, and what was funny was; I barely even needed to create a sales page.

By the time I was on the final email and it was getting released;

I had sold a little over 2000 copies in just a couple of days.

That email sequence that took me a couple hours to create, I made more off of that in 1 week than I did when I was working at a job for a whole year and a half.

Yet again it was another method I learned from Andre's course.

  • So the bottom line is; this stuff works.

You'll make your money back from what you invested in the course (Autoresponder Madness) ten fold just with a good sequence.

I go through this course a couple times a year now, and whenever I have some sort of launch or there's an affiliate promotion, I go through that section of his course and brush up.

You know to remember… “Oh that's right!”… I have to put an email on this day. Build anticipation in the email. Oh yeah – now I have to put an open loop…

All the detailed stuff that he teaches in the course.

Again I can't recommend it highly enough.

It has made me hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past couple of years – maybe pushing past that.

I think you should get it whether you have an info product or a physical product, you can't go wrong with it.

Most people's email newsletters to put it bluntly kind of suck. This is a good way to rise to the top of your niche.

And even if you're new in a niche, stand above and just do extremely well. So again, pick up the course it's worth it.

Thanks Andre.

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