Sam Cook’s Autoresponder Madness Testimonial

Hi my name's Sam Cooke the founder of PRISM communications (

I'd just like to tell you quickly about why I'm so happy to endorse Andre Chaperon's Autoresponder Madness and email marketing system.

When I first started my journey in marketing I really didn't know that much about email.

  • And then someone introduced Andre's Autoresponder Madness to me.

I'd consume or I'd bought a lot of Internet marketing products before but this was actually the only one that I went through all of it.

In fact I've been through it three times.

  • And what it's allowed me to do is completely understand the psychology behind email marketing and more importantly how to just write to people like they're human beings.

Which Andre teaches you how to do and that's really the most effective sales tactics in my last two years in marketing working with clients using Andre's stuff.

I'd say that about 90 to 95 percent of the revenue I've generated for my clients and my now my own business is through effective email marketing.

All using storytelling and the techniques that Andre's taught me in Autoresponder Madness.

So, if you are considering working with Andre and and really transforming your business through learning to do email marketing understand it and completely master it.

There's not a better teacher out there in the world and the Autoresponder Madness training system, would be the best investment you could ever make.

  • In growing your business through email marketing, email is the most powerful tool that I use in my businesses to generate 90 to 95 percent of revenue for myself and for my clients.

I hope you take the opportunity if you're going to make any investment in your business this year, this would be the one you should make.

Go ahead and join Andre and master email marketing so you can grow your business.


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