Sean Myself Video Testimonial



Hi I'm Shawn myself freelance copywriter here out of Dana Point California.

And I just want to tell you about my experience with Autoresponder Madness.

So when I first started using autoresponder madness I was doing some freelance work for a company that sells golf products and they did a heavy heavy amount of email marketing.

When I first got in there and started going through the program, one of the things I noticed right away is that the emails that were being sent out to customers didn't have any sort of conversation, they didn't connect with the people reading them.

It was just like a giant freeway billboard sign that was getting sent out to them.

So as I went through the program and discovered how to utilize the techniques there in the program to get a higher response rate. The very first email blasts I sent out took the open rate and the click-through rate well into 30%.

In fact the open rate was thirty 37.6% and the click through rate was 23.5%.

Just to see if it was transferable, I started using it for a baseball bat client that I have and were trying to pump up the number of optins that they got.

We set up 5 autoresponders, and amazingly enough by just following the program and just following the steps that Andre outlines in there. The average open rate even through the 5th email was in the 60% region.

And what it ended up doing for sales is; over two months their online sales jumped up 91%!

I would really tell you if you're considering this program or you're not sure, I'll have you know when I started using it I was very very new at copywriting and I was able to generate massive results by simply just following step-by-step instructions in the program.

So I would definitely definitely take a hard hard look at it.




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